Resources for Prospective Online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) Students

At Online Master of Legal Studies, our aim is to provide prospective MLS students with a comprehensive resource to answer their questions about Master of Legal Studies schools, programs and careers. As we continue to add content to our page, more resources will continue to be added. 

Online Master of Legal Studies Program Concentrations

Because matters of law span so many different career fields, there are many different concentrations available. This resources is ideal for students searching for schools offering concentrations in a specific field.

Synchronous versus Asynchronous Programs

Discover the difference between synchronous and asynchronous program options to determine which is right for you, and see which online Master of Legal Studies schools provide each option.

Career Guides

Earning an MLS degree can provide you with career growth in a wide range of fields. We have outlined the benefits a Master in Legal Studies can provide in several different sectors.